how to report mortgage payments to credit bureau

how to report mortgage payments to credit bureau

My lender does not report, and I was told I could send the payment history to you and get it added. – ACL. You cannot report your account payment history directly to Experian. Your lender must report your account payment history in order to comply with federal and state laws.

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I bought my home a few years ago. The previous owners carry the first and only mortgage in the amount of $225,000. I gave $45,000 for the down payment and my payments are $2,000 monthly. I have never been late with a payment. Because I would like to establish good credit, I would like to have this information included in my credit report.

When I called, they wanted me to pay for and collect my credit reports from the four bureaus and then call Nationstar back and tell them which one I want them to report to. Unbelievable. I was told they do report to the credit bureau on the 10th of each month, but not to all of them.

Being private individuals, though, they don’t report my payments to the credit bureaus. I have 1098 forms documenting my mortgage interest, though, and I’ve also got my tax returns claiming the mortgage interest deduction. Would the credit reporting agencies accept this as proof of my mortgage?

Private mortgage credit reporting involves setting up the three major credit bureaus with the information. You can do this yourself for a fee, or have the payments.

Tip: Before applying for a loan or credit card, always check with the lender or issuer to make sure it reports payment activity to the credit bureaus. If you were counting on having a higher score because of these two accounts, don’t give up.

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Contact the credit bureaus to request an update to your file. Provide a letter requesting the bureau add the accounts in question. Provide proof of your last 12 months of payment history. For example, provide copies of canceled checks for your rental or mortgage payments.

If you have customers that owe you money and are past due in their payments to you, you may want to consider reporting the delinquency to credit bureau agencies. The three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and Trans Union maintain credit file reports on most American consumers. Therefore, by including

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